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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Junior Alarm Clock

Each morning my 3 and 1/2 year old son wakes me up bright and early, usually with the sun. This is our special time to hang out while I wake up and before everyone else does. He tells me about how he slept and we plan for the day. On those mornings when I get up first or we're rushed to get out the door for school and work we can really feel the difference. Initially I noticed that he was more oppositional about getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. Recently I realized that I am more disorganized, often forgetting at least one step in our "morning routine" which can start the day off on the wrong foot.

After conducting a parent workshop last night I realized how often I speak with other parents about preparing their children for the day, whether it's through visual schedules, lists, or talking about expectations. Little did I realize that Harry and I had been doing this for almost a year now. The difference in his behavior ( and mine) has only recently become apparent, but something that I now know needs to happen each morning, even over breakfast or in the car. I guess I really do practice what I preach sometimes!

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  1. Very Good point Megann. Something we all can do with our kids! :)